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Graduation Tower


The company "Amfiteatr S.C" was established in 2004. Specializes in the construction of sail and
the Towers Salt brine, unique in its design in the country and Europe.
Over the years we gained experience, we learned professionalism, constantly raised the quality of our services, and service to our investors.

We invite you to cooperation:
Roman Łangowski and Kazimierz Łapczuk.

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About us

As the only company in Poland to build a graduation tower. On behalf of the Baltic Centre in Kolobrzeg, our company has made ​​the implementation of the Towers of saline Cascades with a pond along with the entire infrastructure. When building a graduation tower use electronic devices to maintain the proper concentration of salt (6%) use as a filling graduation towers blackthorn cherry. The shape, layout and functionality of the graduation towers individually tailor the design phase to the suggestions of the investor. Partner in our projects is a large construction company.

In cooperation with the investments we made:
• Koszalin Hosso service and residential building usable area of ​​3200m2
• Ikar- Plaza Kołobrzeg 12.000 m2
• Sarbinowo Apartment building 8000 m2.

Services feature:
• high quality
• aesthetic appearance
• modern technology
• safety requirements in accordance with the standards supported by appropriate studies and certificates certification.

Our company has the potential to implement projects in a short time. The task entrusted to us perform reliably, timely, efficient organization, based on extensive experience and knowledge of technical building as evidenced by the recommendations of the investment made​​.

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Brine Cooling towers have the following advantages

Prophylactic indications for the use of the graduation tower:

• General fatigue, convalescence after acute illness
• For people working in a large dusty or high-temperature
• For smokers
• For those working voice
• Residents of large urban agglomerations

Indications for use of the graduation tower:

• recurrent infections of the respiratory tract
• sinusitis
• atrophic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
• ozaenae
• bronchial asthma
• emphysema
• hypertension

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We offer two versions of the graduation towers to choose from:

Graduation single (unilateral) dimensions of width 80 cm, height 4 m and a length of 16 m The whole structure is mounted on a concrete trough drain covered with a layer of concrete protection against the effects of salt. The brine flows from the trough to drain the tank and is pumped back to the graduation towers, everything is done in a closed circuit. Price 1m / 2 the vertical surface of graduation towers is 1850 zł net x 64 m2 and a total of 118.400 zł net.
Graduation bilateral (double) dimensions: width 160 cm, height of 4m and a length of 16m. The entire wooden structure, is mounted on a concrete trough with a suitably large brine back into the tank and as in the first variant of brine concentration in both variants measure the electronic equipment and maintain a 6% concentration required Price 1m / 2 graduation tower vertically in this variant is 2580 zł netto x 64 m2 which gives the amount 165,120 zł net.

Column graduation tower

Straight graduation tower

There are unconventional sizes of the tower.
Any other variant of dimensional graduation towers must be done individually.

In addition, I propose as a unique attraction to build the salt cave with an area of ​​approximately 50m/2 at a promotional price 2000zł net/m2 which gives the amount 100.000 zł net with graduation tower.

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The formation of brine graduation towers


We build Salt Cave and Graduation Towers
ul. Fredry 1, 78-100 Kołobrzeg
TEL/FAX 094-354-52-87,
NIP 671-16-56-229, REGON 331307386

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